Following her studies in Art and Communication, French artist Sylvi Pasquier has worked for about 15 years as a designer and creative director for such agencies as Dupuy Compton or Young and Rubicam. After a while as a freelancer, she decided in 2003 to give up her job to get involved in her one true passion: painting.
Flowers, as symbols of an ever moving nature, continuity and rebirth of life, are her recurrent theme. Her creations bring a whole personal breathing to the canvas. Flowers: both fragile and sturdy, imaginery vegetals, stylization of patterns, everything is set to push forward the limits of representation.
Sylvi draws her inspiration from Nature but also from colours, the underlying theme of her works. This palet of light and deep reds, bewitching pinks, dark crimsons but also yellows and ochres as blazing symbols of the territories she visited along her numerous trips, illuminate the canvas and go beyond reality.
The artist also expresses herself through the chosen formats - pannels, triptyches, polyptyches - that are as many media that enables the surprise and the renewing of the sight, but also thanks to the material: notes, presence and relief of the oil, mix of fibers and papers where words and sentences blend in and interlace... Flowers and manuscripts match, the one expressing what the other symbolizes.
Emotion can be brief, rare, and can sometimes be so overwhelming; nothing more remains but this intense feeling that seize us. Flowers, simple flowers, red with quivering passion on the words, tend to have us sharing "The Love of Art, The love of the Other and the Pleasure that the Artist has to share them"

Published by Art Graphics International
Référencée au Dictionnaire Drouot Cotations
Color illustration of the novel "Couleur Pradoline" by Michele Blandin Obadia
Creation of the Art & Net collective (introducing sculptors, engravers, painters...


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Professional Artist: each work is delivered with invoice and certificate of authenticity

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